Angel Broking Franchise Cost: Stock Broking Business Opportunity

Angel Broking FranchiseAre you looking to start a brokerage business in India? Angel Broking is one of the top stock broking franchise in India which offers a spectrum of financial products and services to the clients like broking and advisory services, margin funding, loans against shares, currency trading etc. The company has about 110 branches pan-India presence in over 1800 cities with a network of more than 11,000 sub-brokers.

So if you have a passion for finance and interest in the stock market and know how the Sensex and Nifty work and have the knack of handling other people's money skillfully, then you can start a brokerage business with Angel Broking. Now let us see how you can make money through stock market by becoming a Sub-broker or Authorized Person of Angel Broking franchise.

What is your role as an Authorized Person of Angel Broking franchise?

As an Authorized Person of Angel Broking franchise, you need to acquire a good network of investors for the company under your name and assisting them in buying, selling or dealing in securities and to keep track of your clients to get their trading done. To earn high brokerage, you need to help your clients to make a profit. So when you become an Authorised Person under the brand of Angel Broking business, you can keep a high percentage of the brokerage generated by you through your client base.

What is the franchise cost of Angel Broking and how much revenue you can make?

Being the leading stock broking and wealth management firm in India, Angel Broking franchise helps you to run your own franchise with very low capital requirements. It offers three types of franchise business models viz., Angel Broking Master franchise, Angel Broking Authorised Person, Angel Broking remisier.

Master Franchise: Under this business model, you will be given exclusive rights of running broking business for the company in your region. All Authorized Persons operating in your region will be mapped under your master franchise and hence no direct competitors for you. The franchise cost ranges from Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.3 Lakh. As a master franchisee, you will receive a fixed percentage as a franchise fee for every franchise outlet opened in your region with your reference. So one can expect a revenue ratio of as high as 80%.

Authorized Person: To be an AP of Angel Broking, you need to make a security deposit of Rs.50,000 which is a refundable deposit and hence no franchise fee is involved. This model gives you a flexible revenue sharing opportunity. The revenue ratio ranges from 50% to 70%.

Remisier: Under this model as a Remisier, you refer once and earn for a lifetime which means you will get 25% of the total brokerage for the whole trading lifespan of the client. The more the potential clients you refer the more you can earn. To become a Remisier of Angel Broking you need to make a refundable security deposit of Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.

How much space is required for Angel Broking franchise?

A minimum of 200 sq ft is enough to open an office space to run Angel Broking franchise. For remisier agents, sometimes the office might give space for them at their premises to deal with the clients.

Is starting an Angel Broking franchise is a profitable business opportunity?

Starting a broking business at any stage of your life is one of the best finance franchise opportunity if you have interests and knowledge of the stock market. Angel Broking is a full-service stockbroking firm has a good range of products and trading segments and also has an offline and online presence across the country. It is a member of BSE, NSE and also registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL. It offers 24x7 back office support and tech support for better productivity. Angel broking App is one of the best Mobile trading apps in India & has won many awards. Also, the less capital investment involved and the boom in the stock market attracts the entrepreneurs towards this stock broking franchise business.

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