Tyra Sarees Franchise Cost: Home based saree business opportunity

Tyra work at home franchiseAre you a stay-at-home mom looking for work-at-home business opportunity, you can open Tyra franchise a women's clothing boutique business. Tyra a well-known fashion brand commenced its operation in the year 2008 and started to franchise in 2011. Currently, it has 15 franchise outlets. Trya Sarees a renowned Saree brand in Kolkata are planning pan India expansion especially on East and South India. So this the right time to venture into a home-based boutique business and reap the benefits. See the franchise cost of Tyra Sarees, investments and other details you might be looking for.

Business model of Tyra franchise: How it works?

Tyra offers two types of franchise schemes viz Exclusive franchise store (Gold Plus Franchise) and Home-based franchise. The Gold Plus Franchise is for those who have a shop or store which is owned or rented. The home-based franchise is for housewives or people looking for a side business which you can run from a very small space from the comfort of your home. Before knowing about the Tyra franchise cost and investments, let's see how both these business model works.

The registered office for Tyra is in Kolkata and the franchise module works absolutely on a virtual platform which means they carry out all activities online and on the telephone. So you need to start the franchise of Tyra by signing up online by sitting at your place and there will be no face-to-face interaction. They do so, to cut the overhead expenses, time, money and resources and to pass the benefits to its clients.

You have the options to see the samples before signing up for Tyra franchise. Either you will be directed to a sales point in your city or you can order for paid samples which will be dispatched at your doorsteps which will be adjusted with your final investment. Once you are ready to start, you will be asked to sign the agreement form and to pay the franchise amount and the products will be delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

What is franchise cost of Tyra Sarees and how much revenue you could make?

As said above Tyra Sarees offers two types of franchise Gold Plus Franchise and Home-based franchise.

The investment for Tyra Franchise Stores (Gold Plus) is Rs.4,50,000 to run an exclusive clothing store. For this, you will get the full investment value of the product. No franchise fees are required. The investment includes shop interior layout and signboard designing by the company. You can get a 30% of margin on MRP.

For Tyra Sarees Home based boutique franchise a minimum investment of Rs.30,000 is required. Absolutely no franchise fee for female applicants and fresh graduates and for other individuals they need to pay franchise fee as low as Rs.7500. However, at a later time, the entire franchise fee will be refunded as cashback. You can see a profit margin of 25% to 30% on MRP.

How much space is required to open Tyra franchise?

If you have a store or retail space of 150-300 sq ft carpet area, you can open exclusive Tyra franchise stores. The premises should be preferable on a ground floor in main streets or in marketplaces, malls where high traffic is seen.

For Tyra franchise home-based boutique you don't require a retail store space, just a small space at home to store the products is enough.

Is opening a Tyra Sarees is a profitable franchise business opportunity?

Do you want to make some more income for your family, but don't want to compromise on being a stay at home mom, this may be the business opportunity for you. Tyra Sarees offers an exclusive range of designer products to suit every occasion and also offers Kurtis, Anarkali suits, Dress materials, Leggings, Dupattas, Patiala sets all at one place. So you have a range of products to do the business that too at affordable rates. You can start this boutique business at home from anywhere in India. Home-based franchise business with no franchise fee makes your business more profitable. So Tyra franchise is absolutely a low investment high returns home based business opportunity. Turn your entrepreneurial dream into reality with Tyra franchise!

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