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Amazon Delivery Service FranchiseThe online retailer Amazon took its first steps into the Indian market in February 2012. It started small in India with just 100 sellers in two categories and today it has become a titan of e-commerce, logistics, hardware, payments, data storage and in the Great India Sale a product was delivered every 23 seconds. It touched every nook and corner of India with 97% serviceable pincodes. It has the largest storage capacity in the e-commerce industry in India with 50 fulfilment centres across 13 states with over two lakh sellers. Amazon provides a great platform for entrepreneurs with more opportunities to explore.

Amazon's Service Partner Network in India has 350 service partners in 320 cities which include entrepreneurs, homemakers and even NGOs. To make no island too far, Amazon has tie-ups with Blue Dart, Ecom Express, FedEx, Delhivery, India Post apart from its own transportation services. This all makes everyone to optimize the opportunities with the retail giant. We come to know that so many people like you are interested to get Amazon Delivery Service franchise. Amazon has different rules and limitations and before starting your business with Amazon, do some thorough online research on your specific category before setting up. Here we are going to break down the details behind this Amazon logistics business or we can say Amazon delivery service opportunity.

Is Amazon a franchise? Does it really offer Delivery Service franchises?

Don't believe everything you read online. If anyone thinking about buying an Amazon franchise, do understand that they are not into a franchise. But however, some option is available to open a delivery business with Amazon as it has launched a program called Amazon Logistics which allows you to run and operate your own Amazon Delivery Service. But do remember that you are not an Amazon Employee. Amazon Delivery Service program is not a franchise and nowhere in their website the word 'franchise' appears and nowhere they mentioned that the Amazon Delivery Service Provider program is a franchise offering. So you are not buying a franchise and you are getting a delivery service business opportunity with Amazon. The official name that Amazon uses for its delivery service is "Amazon Delivery Provider".

Why Amazon wants to start its own Delivery Service in India?

All of Amazon's delivery services have been made by a host of third-party logistics partners either the Postal Service, Delhivery, UPS or FedEx. But lately, with the increasing popularity of Amazon Prime with a promise of one-two day delivery, which means expedited shipping, which can become expensive. To cut these costs, they have found a new plan and put a call out for aspiring entrepreneurs to partner with it to become their Delivery Provider.

Amazon Delivery Provider: How does it work?

Amazon logistics rely on third-party contractors to run this service, but more in a professional way. Amazon's routing technology helps you to navigate efficiently. As a Delivery Provider of Amazon, you have the option to choose the cities where you would like to deliver and can enjoy flexible schedules. It is your responsibility to hire employees, managing your team, and working to deliver packages seven days a week. You need to thrive in a fast-paced environment and you have to juggle a lot of tasks at once and address emergent issues. Amazon has certain demands on the part of the agreement with regard to license, size of the vehicle, safety training and insurance. Do remember you as an Amazon Delivery Provider works as an independent contractor for the company and you and your personnel are not entitled to the benefit plans available to Amazon employees.

What are the requirements and cost for starting Amazon delivery provider business in India?

It does not cost anything to become an Amazon Delivery Provider. But when you join the programme, you will need to provide a delivery vehicle, driver and safety training and insurance. The vehicle should be no more than 4 years old, less than 3.5 tonnes and have a minimum load capacity of 5M cubic. There are no constraints on the number of drivers you employ as this programme is open to single driver owner-operator as well as large companies.

How much I can earn as a delivery provider of Amazon India and how do I get paid?

To get paid you need to invoice Amazon on a weekly basis. The delivery partners get payments based on the number of vehicles operated for Amazon and a separate rate based on the length of their routes and per-package rate based on the number of packages they deliver. As such it is difficult to say on how much one can earn from Amazon Delivery Provider program as each delivery company results will differ and it depends on a number of factors like the efforts taken and management of expenses as well as the size of the company.

Is Amazon Delivery Provider is a smart business to get into?

It depends on your situation and how smart you are in getting the most from Amazon logistics. Amazon makes no guarantee that your business will be profitable and successful. It is up to you on how you manage the operating expenses and maintain your team in order to ensure maximum profitability. This is not to discourage you from becoming an Amazon Delivery Provider. Instead, you may view it as a challenging experience. If you stay focused it could be the opportunity you need to take yourself to a new level of financial independence and who knows even you could earn more and more each year than what you are making at your current job.

How to apply for Amazon Deliver Provider business opportunity in India?

So if you are convinced and want to start Amazon logistics business in India by becoming an Amazon Delivery Provider, you need to apply through the company's website at Amazon Logistics. It takes about ten minutes to complete the application process and after the background check information is submitted, they will get back to you in seven days.

Hope we have provided an insight on Amazon delivery provider a logistic business opportunity with Amazon. If you are an Amazon delivery service provider or driver and have a story to share or productive information about this business, you can voice your views in the comment section below.

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