Eduisfun Franchise Cost: Home based child related business opportunity

Eduisfun franchise costIf you have ever dreamed of a career in education or running a successful home-based business, but never taken the plunge, then now you can do both by taking up Eduisfun franchise. Founded in 2014, by two IIT Alumnus, Eduisfun is India's first & best Gamified learning venture. Well, do you want to know more information about Eduisfun franchise, cost of investments, requirements and other details? Keep reading.

Eduisfun Franchise: How does it work?

Eduisfun uses artificial intelligence and their educational games help the children to learn concepts of Mathematics, Science and prepare them for various exams and olympiads. Their product covers fun and learning with games for K1 to K10 and the learning modules are board wise (CBSE/ICSE/SSC/IB/IGCSE) and Olympiad preparation multiplayer games for IMO/IEO/NSO/NCO/NTSE/MTSE/NSTSE and many more for Grade 1 to Grade 10.

So you might be wondering, what is your part as a franchise of Eduisfun. The company has a free app on the play store and it is just a demo version of the game which allows only one topic. Once you become their franchise partner, you will be given the complete product (Gamified learning Slate with 1 GB Ram, 8 GB space, Wifi), sample parents letter, sample instruction manual, Demonstration apps, Olympiad Game for Class 1 to 10 etc., Your job is to get maximum students on board by showing them the demo and explain about the product and get them enrolled. The company will provide an Alliance Manager who will help you with converting leads from your area.

How much does a Eduisfun franchise cost in India?

Eduisfun is an affordable part-time home-based business idea which you can start today. The franchise cost of Eduisfun is just Rs.60,000. Once both of you have agreed for affiliation, you need to make Rs.20,000 as initial payment for the franchise and the balance payment of Rs.40,000 can be done in the next 5 days.

How much profit does a Eduisfun franchise make?

You can see a minimum of 40% profit margin for Eduisfun franchise. For example, the investment amount is Rs.60,000 and let's assume that you tap ten students for enrolment a month which means you would make a total of INR 2 lakhs and with a minimum profit margin of 40%, your profit would be Rs.80,000.

How much space is required for Eduisfun franchise?

Eduisfun is an e-learning product and hence no physical facility is required and you can run the business from the comfort of your home. No manpower is required. No teaching experience is required as you are not into teaching. Just you are going to demonstrate how it works and have to explain the product to students, teachers and parents who are the beneficiaries of this gamified learning app.

Is starting a Eduisfun franchise a profitable home-based business idea?

Of course, it is a profitable idea for one or more reasons. Today's new age screen crazy generation adapts quickly and understands digital technology better than adults. It is no surprise that many parents and teachers are taking the gamified learning technology as an ideal teaching methodology. Eduisfun is featured as 'The Great Apps' within 15 days of launch. It has reached over 50,000 users across 53 countries and it has got 4.7 rating on Google Play store. Further minimum investment, impressive returns, part-time home business, no renewal costs, support in sales, online /offline marketing makes it a profitable part-time business from home. So are you interested to venture into this game based learning space?

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