Dixy Chicken Franchise Review: Cost, Royalty, Area Requirements for India

Dixy Chicken India Franchise LogoDixy Chicken is presented in India as a joint venture between the UK based Dixy Fried Chicken Euro Ltd., and Panban Restaurants India. The brand has been present in the Indian market for more than a decade now, and at present they are looking for franchise expansions. Food franchises are historically the most successful franchise markets of India, and Dixy Chicken can be a low-cost fried chicken restaurant franchise option for those who would like to avoid more exorbitantly priced, hyper-saturated brands.

Dixy Chicken Franchise in India is offered in three different business models. In this article we will discuss about them step by step, with detailed information including how much investment is required to start Dixy Chicken franchise in India, cost break up, area requirements, application process and so on. Keep reading!

How much space is needed for Dixy Chicken franchise in India

Dixy Chicken Franchise in India is available in four distinct formats, depending on the premise area. Needless to say difference in the store area will result in differences in numbers of appointed staffs, investment requirements,as well as expected profit. The four different options are:
  1. Mall: 400-500 sq. ft.
  2. High Street Express: 600-900 sq. ft.
  3. Dixy Diner: 1000-1500 sq. ft.
  4. Dixy Diner Plus: 1600-2500 sq. ft.
So we can more or less say that the minimum area requirement for Dixy Chicken Franchise is within 500 square feet, though on the upper side it can reach up to 2500 sq. ft. depending on your investment budget. So, how much does Dixy Chicken Franchise cost in India?

Investment Requirements for Dixy Chicken franchise in India: Cost break up in detail

Let us now look into the details of Dixy Chicken franchise cost in terms of the four options specified above. For the first option 'Mall', total investment required is Rs. 35 to 45 lakhs. For High Street Express, you need around 45 to 50 lakhs. For the third option of the Dixy Chicken franchise, cost will be around Rs. 70 to 90 lakhs. However if you go for the biggest option which is Diner Plus, you should allocate a budget of at least INR 1.3 Crores to 1.5 Crores. So on the lower side, the minimum money required to start Dixy Chicken is within 50 lakhs rupees. The royalty or commission is 7% for the first three options and 6% for the Diner Plus category.

Dixy Chicken Franchise Profit: How much money should you expect?

For any business, the profitability is a key question. More or less, Dixy Chicken franchise ROI in India is about 20%. You can expect to make about 7.6 lakhs from the first option per month, 8.3 lakhs per month from the Dixy Chicken High Street Express, and INR 10.4 and 15.2 lakhs per month from the Diner and Diner Plus options respectively.

How to open Dixy Chicken franchise in India: Step by step application process

How to apply for Dixy Chicken franchise in India? The first step is to download the franchise application form which is available at the official website at free of cost. Also go through the franchise opening support details document carefully. After studying all the documents thoroughly, you will need to sign up the franchise agreement with Dixy Chicken India Pvt. Ltd. Inspection and Designing of the site will come after that, followed by budgeting. Construction will begin subsequently, followed by installation of utilities like electric, gas, water, and other equipment. Furniture and fixtures also need to be done at this level. Then the hiring and training of team is the next thing to be done. The next steps are final checking of equipment, soft opening, and finally, the official inauguration takes place. So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in Dixy Chicken Franchise, download application form now!

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