Louis Unisex Salon Franchise: Cost, Income, Area Requirements

Louis Unisex Salon franchise logoLouis Unisex Salon franchise can be a really good option if you are thinking about starting a beauty salon. An internationally reputed brand with nearly three decades of glorious presence in the market, Louis Unisex franchise chain takes pride in being among the top 150 franchise brands of the world. Not only that, it is also one of the top 10 brands that have an all-India franchise operation.

In this article we are going to discuss more about what is the cost of Louis Salon franchise, income or profit potential, specific area requirements and other details. Keep reading!

Why choose Louis Unisex Salon Franchise?

It is needless to say that the market of Beauty and Wellness franchises in India is presently booming, thanks to the gradually empowering middle-class with more disposable income in their hands than ever, and also because of the growing consciousness about and personal care and grooming. Nearly one-third of the Indian Beauty and Wellness Franchise market is dominated by the salon industry and this is the business to be in, right now! Unisex has for nearly three decades made its presence strongly felt in the salon industry. And as already mentioned above, Louis Unisex is also one of the top 10 brands with a pan-India business, so you can definitely rely on this brand. Let us know find out how much does a Unisex Salon franchise cost, break up of investment if any, area requirements, and other necessary information you might be looking for.

Cost of Louis Unisex Salon Franchise and ROI or Income Potential

The total cost for opening Louis Unisex franchise salon is typically Rs. 20 to 30 lakhs, which includes franchise fees which is an one-time upfront, non-refundable payment to be made by the franchisee. The cost can slightly vary depending on your location etc., but roughly we can say that if you can invest Rs. 30 lakhs, you should be okay to start this business. Please note that the franchise agreement term is for 9 years which can be renewed subsequently.

How much money can you make from a salon franchise? How much profit can you generate by opening a franchise of Louis Unisex salon? Well, to be honest, these results can vary owing to several factors like your location, the socio-economic condition of the local populace, the amount of hard work you are willing to put in and so on. Nevertheless, a rough estimate about possible profit from Louis Salon franchise can still be made. According to the official sources, the salon industry of India can very well expect a CAGR of 27 to 30 percent, which means your money is going to double in less than three years! For the 500 square feet option expected monthly income should be between Rs. 3 to 6 lakhs, while for the 800 square feet option the expected monthly ROI from Louis Unisex Franchise salon is typically Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs.

How much area is required to open a Unisex franchise salon?

Typically, there are two plans to choose from: 500 square feet and 800 square feet. Thus, the minimum area requirement for Unisex Salon franchise remains 500 square feet, but you can go for a larger premise if you can afford that. Obviously, larger premises would larger setup costs, however the income generation potential will accordingly rise as well.

Break up of Louis Salon franchise cost

For Real Estate Improvement you will require Rs. 1500 per square foot. So if your business is 500 sq. ft. you will need seven and a half lakhs, whereas if you go for 800 square feet you will need 12 lakhs. Similarly, the Architect Fee is Rs. 200 per square foot. For frontage and signage the cost is fifty thousand. For furniture, the cost will vary from thirty to fifty thousand depending on the premise size. The air conditioning costs can be anywhere between sixty thousand to one lakh fifty thousand rupees. For computer, billing system, UPS, thermal printers etc. you will have to put aside Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs. An amount of five thousand rupees will have to paid to the government agencies for license etc. The franchise fee shall be fifty thousand for 500 sq.ft. and eighty thousand for 800 sq.ft. Expense for opening ceremony and initial marketing shall be around 1 lakh. And then, there will always be miscellaneous costs.

What start up support do Unisex Salon provide to its franchisees?

Typically, a Unisex Salon franchise gets the following start-up support:
  • Location Assistance or Site Approval
  • Help regarding the construction and design of the salon
  • All the legal obligations like procurement of the franchise business license and so on
  • Operational Assistance, both prior to opening your business and while running it
  • Personalized visits to all franchise locations of Unisex Salon
  • Regular telephonic conversations to discuss service, retail etc.
  • Scope to participate in the annual franchisee convention
  • In house training in beauty and hair styling and other salon operations
  • POS and billing software
  • Organization of grand opening ceremony by the company PR team

Louis Salon franchise inquiry email address, contact number

All franchise inquiries may be made to info [at] louis-salon [dot] com by email. If telephone is your preferred method, dial +91 99999 142 219 or +91 9560 239 143.

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