Franchise Cost of Ritu Kumar Store: Business opportunities for fashionistas

Ritu Kumar Stores FranchiseAre you looking for top luxury brands that franchise? Ritu Kumar is the top leading fashion designer brand that needs no introduction. Indian celebrity designer Ritu Kumar was the first woman to introduce the boutique culture in India under the brand name 'Ritu'. Started its retail footprint in 1970, currently it has more than 65 stores and the design house offers three brands namely 'Ritu Kumar' the flagship brand for refined premium to luxury customer, 'Ri' is the bridal line of Ritu Kumar and 'Label' an urban fashion brand which caters for 20 to 30 years age group. The fashion house offers business opportunity to own designer store franchise with label Ritu Kumar. Franchise cost, requirements, expected profit and other details you might be looking for is detailed here. Keep reading!

Franchise Cost of Autoz Spa: Car wash business opportunity

Autoz Spa franchiseIf you have the craze for cars and have the money and space why not try buying a car wash franchise from an established brand instead of starting from scratch. Autoz Spa is a car wash franchise which offers professional spa for cars. Established in 2008 and started to franchise from 2012 Autoz Spa currently has about 70 plus outlets across the country. Read on further to get an idea of how much does it cost to start an Autoz Spa franchise, profit you will get when you venture into this business.

Ayush Arogyam Franchise Cost: Ayurveda business opportunity

Ayush Arogyam franchiseHere is the most rewarding business opportunity in the Ayurveda sector. Scale your profits with Ayush Arogyam a multi-retail chain providing the best in Ayurvedic health and lifecare solutions to mankind and make Ayurveda affordable and accessible to all.

Founded in 1987, Ayush Arogyam has at present 4 outlets offering specialised Kerala Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapies. The company is looking for expansion so as to increase its retail presence across the country through the franchise model. So if you want to be the proud owner of Ayush Arogyam Ayurvedic Wellness Centre read on to know its franchise cost and other details.

Apollo Tyres Franchise: Cost, investment return, profit, area requirements

Apollo Tyre franchise logoApollo Tyres is one of the largest players in the tyre manufacturing businesses not just in India but across several countries in the world. Since its journey began in 1972, Apollo Tyres had had a formidable track record of success and has successfully expanded its franchise based business in 100 plus countries with 8 manufacturing units being operational throughout the world. If you are interested to know how much does Apollo Tyre franchise cost, let us tell you that the official name of the business you will own is Apollo Zones service centres. Franchise business area will include a lounge and entertainment centre so the investment and area requirement for Apollo Tyre service centre franchise is going to be a little uppish. Keep reading to know more!
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